Shamelessly Hot Logo

For this project, I was honored to team up with local Columbia business owner Mark Plessinger to create a new brand for his variety series, Shamelessly Hot.  

Mark is a guy who gets things done around Columbia, SC.  He runs a business - Frame of Mind - which houses both unique eyewear and an art gallery.  He organized First Thursdays on Main, helping the Columbia art scene take off, and he is the director of the ongoing entertainment project, Shamelessly Hot .

For more information about what Mark Plessinger does for Columbia, check out this 2015 Free-Times article on him in Arts + Lifestyle.


Wedding Invitations and STDs

Well the last few months have resulted in a bit of a hiatus from what I consider more "exciting" work.  But I suppose wedding planning was bound to do that.  In any case, work was done, and the big day has come and gone.  What I DID get done, visually, were our own wedding invitations (in time?  Barely), and Save the Date cards (STDs, got ya) for my friends Wilbur and John's upcoming wedding...

Layout designed by John Dawkins

Layout designed by John Dawkins

Dust Busters Cleaning Pros logo & business cards

I had a client approach me with the fun challenge of designing a logo for her local Columbia, SC cleaning business.  Her idea, she told me, was to play off of the Ghostbusters theme visually, using a dust bunny.  She was already using the tagline "Who you gonna call?"  I was excited, and got to work drawing a puzzled dust bunny.  

Shear Indulgence ads

Shameless plug here.... These ads are for my partner's salon.  She was one of my first clients, and I really appreciate her trust.  Her salon's been up and successfully running for over 5 years now, and I am honored to continue to design for her.

Above, the design we're going to run in upcoming advertising.

Another version we ultimately tabled for now.

Camp Bisco poster art submission

Something I promised myself I'd do a few months back is start entering design contests to push my creativity and learn new things.  I found this one for making a music festival poster on Creative Allies and thought it'd be fun to take the mountain up into the sky.  I'd been wanting to try out a new drawing/building technique in illustrator, and this seemed like a good opportunity, so I gave it a shot!  Overall,  I really like the way this design turned out, although there were a lot of REALLY GOOD submissions on the last day when I went to upload.  Someone else even went for a floating mountain :(  Oh well, it was a really fun project, and I learned some good things for my toolbox, either way!  

Carolina Wreckingballs Promotional

Another recent roller derby bout and event promotional project in Columbia, SC.  

Columbia Quadsquad Promotional

Full disclosure!  I used to play roller derby.  For 7 1/2 years, actually, so it's not surprising I love designing roller derby promotional materials.  Here's a flier and facebook icon I just did for an upcoming bout in Columbia, SC.

Carolina Wreckingballs Butt Casting Project

A few years back, a roller derby team I was on did a breast casting auction to raise money for a local charity.  It was a lot of fun, honestly.  A bunch of us got together at one of our teammate's house, threw down a few beers, and took our bras off for a reason bigger than ourselves.  Win.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago... Another Columbia derby team is stepping out of their clothes for a casting, and this time it's the men.  The Carolina Wreckingballs have been epitomizing derby love in Columbia pretty much since their inception, so I was excited to get involved in anything art driven they were doing.  The guys decided to cast their butts, and basically the world will never be the same again.  Or something like that.

I received 2 butt canvases, complete with a few wisps of buttcrack hair that got stuck in the molding.  So awesome.   Anyway, I had so much fun with them!  These babies go up for silent auction after the Wreckingballs bout on July 18th, along with other butts from the team decorated by local artists.  Proceeds will go to SC Pride.