Carolina Wreckingballs Butt Casting Project

A few years back, a roller derby team I was on did a breast casting auction to raise money for a local charity.  It was a lot of fun, honestly.  A bunch of us got together at one of our teammate's house, threw down a few beers, and took our bras off for a reason bigger than ourselves.  Win.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago... Another Columbia derby team is stepping out of their clothes for a casting, and this time it's the men.  The Carolina Wreckingballs have been epitomizing derby love in Columbia pretty much since their inception, so I was excited to get involved in anything art driven they were doing.  The guys decided to cast their butts, and basically the world will never be the same again.  Or something like that.

I received 2 butt canvases, complete with a few wisps of buttcrack hair that got stuck in the molding.  So awesome.   Anyway, I had so much fun with them!  These babies go up for silent auction after the Wreckingballs bout on July 18th, along with other butts from the team decorated by local artists.  Proceeds will go to SC Pride.